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Marios Constantinides is a senior research scientist at Nokia Bell Labs, Cambridge, UK, and a visiting researcher at the University of Cambridge. His research interests revolve around human-computer interaction (HCI), ubiquitous computing, software engineering, machine learning (ML), and data science. In particular, he works in the areas of user modeling, personalization, mobile- and wearable- sensing, and responsible AI, and his current research focuses on building human-centered AI technologies that augment people's interactions and communication, with a particular focus on the workplace.

He completed his PhD at University College London (UCL), UK in the intersection of HCI and ML, and holds a MSc in software systems engineering from the same University. During his PhD, he also worked at Telefonica Alpha (now Koa Health) in Barcelona, Spain on mobile-sensing and network data for mood prediction models. His research has been published in top-tier human-computer interaction venues, and his projects have been featured in internation media outlets such as the BBC, Economist, Times, and Fast Company.